The Divi Tiara Beach Resort in Cayman Brac was abandoned and has since been demolished.

I recently visited the island known as Cayman Brac, and while there I chronicled my discovery of the abandoned Divi Tiara Beach Resort.

In this YouTube video, you get to see my view as I explore the grounds and try to piece together why the buildings are still on the island, vacant and uninhabited. The ending includes a conclusion presenting my research and also shows several interesting before and after photo comparisons. View the complete video in 720p or 1080p below. Fullscreen viewing recommended.

I’ve also gathered several of my still photos, all of which are available in larger sizes by clicking or viewing below:

The second slideshow below comes from J.J. Dilbert, a photographer who explored the property in August 2010, around four years after Divi Tiara Beach Resort closed.

Lastly, there are several links below from some old websites that have stories, photos and video from the resort:

An original print ad for Divi Tiara Beach Resort in Cayman Brac.
An original print ad for Divi Tiara Beach Resort in Cayman Brac.

Feel free to contribute more content in the comments, and I hope all of you enjoyed the video.


I took on one of my first big projects when I bought my new DSLR camera in 2012, exploring the abandoned Divi Tiara Beach Resort in Cayman Brac. It was thrilling to wander around with almost no one else in sight, feeling like I was in a movie or video game, especially as I made my way to the pool and beach on the back side of the property.

I vividly remember the beauty of the location. That’s what stands out the most to me. Unfortunately, they demolished the resort as of 2024. But fortunately, they have completely restored the site.

For the best version of this film, I recommend the video I released years later titled, “The Abandoned Divi Tiara Beach Resort on Cayman Brac: Then and Now.”

Jordan Liles added this retrospective on June 21, 2024.

Old Comments

The following are comments originally posted under this article before this website was moved to its new location. I copied and pasted these comments in May 2024, so the number of years reflects that time period.

Kat – 6 years ago

I grew up going to the Divi Tiara resort as a kid. I think we stayed there for 8 or 9 summers. My parents had a timeshare there, I got certified for scuba diving there , had my first kiss there and still have a scar on my shin from falling at that pool. It’s wild (and so sad) to see these pictures. A lot of amazing memories there, I’m glad you captured these (even though it makes my heart aches a bit). – Kat (Miami)

Tuipe Suhonen – 8 years ago

Hi! I visited Cayman Islands twice. First in winter 1989 and then summer 1990. Had friends in Cayman Brac, americans and caymanians :-). Spent lots of time at Divi Tiara Beach Hotel bar and the beach, because my caymanian friend worked at the bar. She was a bartender there and my american friend was working for Divi Resorts also. Some higher position…I don’t remember what was his title.

IT was amazing to see the old bar… I was sitting in those bar stools and enjoying Amstel beer and Caymanian rum … and enjoying beautiful Caribbean evenings with all those wonderful people :-).

So, thanks for sharing your video. Sad to see the Divi Resort gone. But… good to see the place in Caribbean where this Finnish girl once walked 😉 . It is amazing… I was so far away from home then and enjoying my life to the fullest…under the Caribbean sun 🙂 .

Tuipe S, from Finland

Jordan Liles – 8 years ago

Hi Tuipe. Thanks so much for sharing your story! I love hearing these.

Elle – 9 years ago

If you are interested, I have photos of this resort from 2004 when my family I visited the resort for a week. My parents had a timeshare and would go every July.

Jordan Liles – 9 years ago

Hi Elle. Sure! If you want you can post them somewhere and share a link. Thanks!

Diane – 9 years ago

I just came back 2 days ago from Cayman Brac. We stayed next door to Divi at the Brac Reef Resort. We passed by Divi a couple of times and it is still abandoned. I’m surprised that another developer hasn’t picked up this gorgeous property. At this point I’d be very surprised if the Divi Company has any plans to rebuild. You video was both chilling and sad to me as there was once a thriving business there that provided much needed jobs for the locals and added so much to the tiny island. Thank you Jordan!

Jordan Liles – 9 years ago

Hi Diane. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve posted your comment as a news story since I’ve been curious recently as to what the property looks like today!

ajsqueen – 9 years ago

I’m surprised that the S.C. company has any jurisdiction over the abandoned property anymore. Typically there are minimum standards with foreign purchase of land. I think the Cayman officials should just demolish the property, clean the debris and give the land back to the environment/island; then send the clean-up bill to Divi Properties, Inc. Sad story.

Cindy – 9 years ago

This is so sad. My husband and I were married here on October 26, 2000. We went back a year later, but I guess we won’t be going back again.

Jordan Liles – 9 years ago

Hi Cindy. It’s interesting to hear from several people who said they were married at the places where I visit. Divi Tiara Beach Resort is still a beautiful place. The building being empty is a sad thing, but the island and people are still wonderful. I would say that since you’ve been there it might not be worth a return trip, but perhaps one day if you’re visiting another Caribbean island, maybe a 1-day visit is a good idea, for the memories.

No Name – 9 years ago

What an interesting video, I liked the footage of the driftwood signs above the turtle bar,I’m sure alot of people got Lucky and had a few drinks there, That bar had a presence and I’m sure, More than a few guests never left that bar, The kind of guests that are there forever, Some Good, and Some definitely not so Good, would be interesting to visit on a dark night, great video

Jordan Liles – 9 years ago

Thanks Harold. It’s an interesting place and I’m glad I could share it with everyone!

Dave Blazer – 9 years ago

Thanks for the video….made me cry.
I was one of the original owners of the timeshares that you missed in the video.
They were further west.

Jordan Liles – 9 years ago

Hi Dave. I actually did see the timeshare building, but didn’t go inside. It looked beautiful each night around sunset. If you go back to Cayman Brac, I hope you send me a message to let me know if things look different. Have a nice evening!

Marianne C Venegoni – 10 years ago

I have lots of images from Elkmont, of the old houses, some were taken years ago.
I have never seen the chair lift, nice find.

stacy – 10 years ago

awesome stuff, keep up the explorations.

Steve – 10 years ago

Hi, great videos! You should really consider having someone else with you just for safety reasons, plus they could film with a second camera too.

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