The AI Revolution App reviews scam or AI Revolution Plus or Live product is an online scam promising easy money by combining artificial intelligence and shopping websites.
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In July 2024, Google users searched online for the phrase AI Revolution App reviews, all regarding a long-running scam. The assets promoting AI Revolution App (or AIRevolution app) claimed it’s an easy way to make money. The method purported to combine artificial intelligence with commissions from shopping websites. In video ads shown on Facebook and Instagram, people appearing on screen claimed to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with the app. Those ads displayed a link directing users to, or other websites. Those websites showed a longer video of an unidentified man promoting the product while sitting on a couch surrounded by cash.

However, as I’ll reveal in this story, any glowing AI Revolution App reviews, including any reviews for other iterations of the product such as AI Revolution Plus ( or Live ( were inauthentic. The reason: The AI Revolution money-making system is a scam. Real reviews from users who fell for past versions of the same scam appear later in this article.

Editor’s Note: Other companies and products may feature names similar to AI Revolution. Those companies and products are not associated with this scam.

Fake AI Revolution App Reviews on Meta Ads

On July 3, I researched several fake AI Revolution App reviews appearing in video ads hosted by Meta Ads. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, accepted money for and approved the ads. The tech giant allows thousands and thousands of scam ads on its advertising platform. According to The Associated Press, as of February 2024, Meta reported tens of billions of dollars in quarterly revenue.

One ad I reviewed for AI Revolution App displayed a link to A Facebook page (archived) named “Smile is the Best Makeup” (@smlsbstmkp) hosted that ad and many others. The video ad I looked at showed a woman claiming to earn nearly $500,000 with the AI Revolution software.

This people who appeared in these ads were possibly just paid spokespeople.

I transcribed the woman’s narration:

Look at my bank account. $495,715. My life has changed drastically since I signed up for this system. It’s an incredible feeling when you don’t have to worry about expenses and can afford anything you want. I was skeptical at first since this app was free but I decided to give it a try. After making my first dollar in just a minute or two, I wasn’t too impressed and closed the app, thinking I’d messed up.

Imagine my surprise when I remembered about the app the next week and saw this. (Screen shows $294,705.) I was shocked. It took me just a week to make it. That day, I went shopping and treated myself to some nice clothes and a fancy handbag. But when my husband saw the bills, he got upset. He thought we didn’t have enough money for those things. Little did he know.

The following week, our family moved to a new house, and I bought my husband the Ford Mustang he had dreamed of for years. The look on his face was priceless. A mixture of shock, disbelief and pure joy. But his happiness didn’t last long. He couldn’t understand how I made this money and it was driving him crazy. So I revealed my secret.

This amazing new app is called AI Revolution. It’s powered by an award-winning AI (Bloomberg logo shown on screen) super easy to use and doesn’t require any special skills. And it turns out that hundreds of Americans all over the United States are taking advantage of this AI. Just look at these reviews. See this? All of this can be yours in just two weeks. Click the learn more button to get started for free now.

The end of the Facebook and Instagram ads showed several fake AI Revolution App reviews. One purported review read, “I’m thrilled! Everything has changed! I highly recommend this platform!” Another person supposedly said, “I moved into a new house thanks to this platform!” The third review displayed the words, “Wow! I didn’t believe it was possible!” The last reviewer remarked, “I am happy to have found this platform!” Again, none of these reviews were genuine.

The AI Revolution App Website Video

The Facebook and Instagram ads directed user to or A long video displayed on the websites showed money falling from above on a man sitting on a couch in front of possibly an ocean backdrop. The man then began speaking and promoting the AI Revolution App product.

The video on the websites began with a disclaimer quickly displaying and then disappearing from the clip after only three seconds. That disclaimer read, “The testimonials and scenarios presented here are fictitious depictions of individual results. Names have been changed to protect individual privacy. Actual results may vary. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Testimonials portrayed by compensated actors are not representative of all customers. Events and dialogue have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes.”

In the video, the man on the couch likely was a paid spokesperson. Also, he did not appear to introduce himself by name. While sitting on the couch, the man claimed AI Revolution App or Plus can earn a user “up to $80,000 a month on autopilot.” Seconds later, he said users can expect to earn “$40,000 a month on autopilot starting tomorrow.”

One part of the video showed an expensive house located near water with the false claim, “Your life will change forever.”

Basically, the man in the video read from a script falsely telling viewers the “secret” AI Revolution App can earn them a life with flashy cars, expensive houses and a mindset free from worrying about money and global inflation. According to the video, the pitch behind how the product worked supposedly involved implementing artificial intelligence with taking advantage of commission opportunities with major shopping websites. At one point in the video, the man claimed all users will need to do was spend around “5 to 10 minutes” in the purported app daily.

Red Flags in the AI Revolution App Scam

Always keep in mind the saying, “If an online offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

The AI Revolution App reviews scam or AI Revolution Plus or Live product is an online scam promising easy money by combining artificial intelligence and shopping websites.
Yes, unnamed spokesperson, AI Revolution App is too good to be true.

This AI Revolution App or Plus reviews scam was simply the latest iteration of a long-running scheme. The scam previously operated under the names InfinitAI, NexusAI, FusionAI and possibly others. The website video displayed with those past scams featured another actor apparently sitting on the same couch. That actor only identified himself as “Jonathan.”

The AI Revolution App system featured too many red flags to count regarding its scam nature. The biggest red flag of all was the promise of easy money. Examples of other red flags I noticed included a fake counter displaying the supposed number of viewers watching the video on the website, no name for the video’s spokesperson and past examples of the same scheme marketed under other names.

30 SW Elm Ave. DeSoto, TX 75115

The terms and conditions on and both mentioned Cyprus and the physical mailing address “30 SW. Elm Ave. DeSoto, TX 75115.”

The address 30 SW Elm Ave in DeSoto Texas or TX 75115 is a fake mailing address associated with online scams.
No Elm Avenue exists in or anywhere near DeSoto, Texas.

According to Google Maps, this address in Texas did not exist.

The address 30 SW Elm Ave in DeSoto Texas or TX 75115 is a fake mailing address associated with online scams.

A YouTube commenter once said under one of my scam-busting videos, “I am from Dallas, Texas, and DeSoto is a suburb about 20 minutes from Dallas. And I can confirm that there is no Elm Ave. Elm St. Elm nothing in DeSoto! The only Elm is Elm Street in downtown Dallas.”

Scam Victims Post Genuine AI Revolution App Reviews

Numerous users who fell for past iterations of the AI Revolution App reviews scam submitted comments under my YouTube channel’s videos. Their reviews detailed exactly what happened after they provided a credit card number to the scam websites. Mainly, the people lied in the Facebook and Instagram ads when they claimed AI Revolution (or other past names) is a free product.

For example, YouTube user @againstallodds5182 remarked:

You are spot on! It’s a shame I didn’t see your video sooner. I was and still am part of this scam. It doesn’t stop with a one time payment of $67. Multiple times $30 has been charged to the card I used. Unfortunately, $300 later I have them reported as be fraudulent. Do not fall for any of these sites like I did. There is no such thing as free money… or making 6 figures from $67.

In a second comment, YouTube user @frannonallison1767 added:

You are truly a blessing in disguise! I actually did get the program for 67 bucks and what he said about a few buttons was just a lie. It makes you build a website and it’s way more to it than he says. And that’s not it. They try and get you to purchase all kinds of things to make the process faster, and trust me, you will never get there by the time you buy all the products to make it work. You will be out of a bunch of money. Thank you for exposing these scammers! Wish I would have researched and found you before they got me with that bull! Never again.

Scam Victims: Here’s What You Need To Do

Users who provided a credit card number to scammers should immediately call their credit card company. Notify the credit card company of the misleading and scammy nature of the purchased product. Mention the product appears marketed from Cyprus and features a Texas mailing address for a fake street.

Anyone scammed by any potentially fraudulent schemes can also file a complaint with the BBB, as well as follow advice from the FTC and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Further, do not fall for scams known as refund and account recovery scams. Such scams involve deceptive users reaching out to scam victims, usually over messaging and social media apps. The deceptive users will claim they are experts with a special toolset to help victims recover lost money or get access back to a lost online account. However, they’re only after your money, and have no special skills or tools whatsoever.

If any readers victimized by this scam wish to tell their story, please share your own detailed account in the comments below.

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kenneth young

thank you for this review it is sickening to see how these scam artists are scamming poor people out of their hard-earned money and are trying to find a way to make money in these hard times these people need to go to jail.


I wanted to let you know that I shared the scam post on facebook as a possible scam to let others know but at the same time I know not everyone will believe me or are blinded by the possibility of easy money so when I posted it I said possible scam and I leave it up to you to decide for your self’s just putting it out there for you to think on and decide for your self I did this not to further the scam but to post it for others to see that I think it is a scam and to warn them and have them make there own choice