Online users looked up the five words woman vanishes during traffic stop after a TikTok video appeared to show a driver named Sarah vanish in front of a police officer.
Courtesy: "The Great Disappearance"

On June 6, 2024, TikTok user @crypptiic posted a video appearing to show a female police officer witness during a traffic stop the sudden vanishing of a woman driver named Sarah. The clip’s on screen caption reads, “Woman Vanishes Into Thin Air At Traffic Stop, Police Left Freaked Out.” The video received more than 10 million views in just three days, leading some Google users to search for answers about the clip with the five words, “woman vanishes during traffic stop.”

In the video, the unidentified officer turns to walk back to what appears to be her patrol car. Within about one second, she notices Sarah’s registration has expired. The officer turns back to Sarah and notices she has supposedly disappeared from her car. The video does not provide Sarah’s last name.

The clip first shows a supposed bodycam view of the incident. Then, a second angle from a dash cam provides a replay from an alternate view.

TikTok Comments

The “woman vanishes during traffic stop” video received thousands of comments.

The top comment with over 24,000 likes read, “How can I do this in front of the IRS?”

A different user remarked, “She needs to come back to get that ticket! No one above the law!”

Another commenter also joked about the name of a movie that does not exist, saying, “This is from the movie Time Traveler’s Mistress.”

The Video Was Staged

The truth of this video was revealed in a reply with zero likes buried within another comment. TikTok user @rodriguezmv6040 correctly commented, “These videos were created by a Christian organization called Turning Point to illustrate how the rapture would appear.”

Online users looked up the five words woman vanishes during traffic stop after a TikTok video appeared to show a driver named Sarah vanish in front of a police officer.

A YouTube search for the three words “turning point rapture” (without quotation marks) leads to a result for the video “The Great Disappearance” on the verified YouTube channel named David Jeremiah. The channel displayed over 554,000 subscribers and a description reading, “Turning Point is the broadcast ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah.” (Turning Point Ministries is a different organization than the political Turning Point USA.)

The YouTube video’s description revealed the traffic stop video and other similar videos were staged as part of a promotional effort for Jeremiah’s “The Great Disappearance.” The video’s description read, “Rapture pre-enactment videos aim to create content so intriguing that the world will want to stop and consider the reality of this imminent prophetic event and look to the Word of God for the answers to their spiritual questions.” The names of the film crew and actors were not provided.

A brief clip from the traffic stop TikTok video appears at the 0:09 mark in Jeremiah’s YouTube video.

Older Posts of ‘Woman Vanishes During Traffic Stop’

On Oct. 30, 2023, the Truth in Bible Prophecy YouTube channel posted the same video of “woman vanishes during traffic stop.” The video showed the purported bodycam and dash cam views synced together. The clip begins at the 2:11 mark.

Weeks earlier on Oct. 5, 2023, the @hauntedtiktoker TikTok user also uploaded the clip. That prior upload received nearly 5 million views.

Readers might notice the timestamp on the supposed dash cam view showed a time but lacked a date. Genuine body cam videos always show both a date and time.

Bicyclist Disappears

A similar video showing a male bicyclist disappearing from his bike while riding on a trail also appeared to come from the same promotion for Jeremiah’s “The Great Disappearance.”

Additional TikTok Comments

As of this writing, the TikTok video posted by @crypptiic received nearly 10,000 comments. I gathered more of the remarks to present them below.

For example, a user commented, “She needs to come back to get that ticket! No one above the law!”

Another person said, “Anyone else wondering where the hell the stop signs are that she ran? Out in the middle of nowhere!”

Some users noted a possible editing mistake, with one commenter writing, “Do you guys hear something saying Sarah before she says it the second time?” A different user added, “Did anyone hear the ‘Sarah!’ in between the two ‘Sarah’ [remarks] that the officer screamed? Like something else said it.”

One commenter started thinking up more of the story, joking, “Police go to speak to mom. Mom says, ‘What do you mean? My daughter… she has been dead for 10 years.” Another person also posted, “She goes to the parents and Sarah’s been dead for 15 years.”

A different user’s comment read, “Got to say when you watch it from the police car, you see the jump in the video after she said ‘Sarah.'”

For further comments, check out the video on TikTok. The replies under some of the most popular comments contain various remarks as well.

I will update this story if I find any other information in the future about the cast and crew involved in the making of these staged videos.

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