A TikTok user named Elle or ellebelle_999 claimed her family barn moved overnight into a field and joked her barn was running away.

On June 14, 2024, a TikTok user with the display name of Elle (ellebelle_999) posted a video claiming the location of her family’s red barn moved overnight. The on screen caption read, “My barn is running away?” Elle began the video saying, “Just woke up and looked out the window to find that my barn has moved.”

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Elle’s text caption next to the video read, “What’s going on? My barn has been in the same spot for 25 years and now its just moving. Nobody told me anything about moving it and I didn’t hear anything all morning, but now it’s just in a different spot.”

As of this writing, TikTok displayed the video received over 11.5 million views in less than 48 hours.

‘Why Is My Barn Walking?’

Elle said in her video, “My barn was once right there and it is now over there. Again, it was, it was there last night and it’s over there now. It’s… can someone tell me how that happens? It wasn’t there last night.”

Then, she joked, “I think I’m getting haunted by a mischievous goblin and he’s playing tricks on me, because why is my barn walking?”

A TikTok user named Elle or ellebelle_999 claimed her family barn moved overnight into a field and joked her barn was running away.
Elle points to the barn’s purported original location (L) and new location (R). (Courtesy: @ellebelle_999/TikTok)

Near the middle of the video, Elle pointed her camera to the spot on her property where her barn appeared to reside for the previous 25 years. Then, she turned the camera to the barn’s new location in a field.

“It was there. It was, it was right there, Elle said. “There’s not even a path there! It’s just there! It’s just in the middle of a f***ing field! Here’s my barn now.”

A TikTok user named Elle or ellebelle_999 claimed her family barn moved overnight into a field and joked her barn was running away.
After walking closer to the barn, Elle points to the barn’s purported original location (L) and new location (R).

In disbelief, Elle continued, jokingly, “What a… drop a, drop, drop heart in the comments if you’ve ever lost your barn before.”

She ended the video with humorous advice for viewers, saying, “Let this serve as a warning. Be careful because your barn might start running away. I didn’t know that was a possibility but apparently your barn can just f***ing grow legs and run away. Remember that fridge joke? ‘Is your refrigerator running?’ Well, my barn is.”

Second Video: Elle’s ‘Barn Update’

On June 15, Elle posted a “barn update” video providing the purported simple explanation her dad confessed to her he moved the barn. In the new video, she talked about her purported conversations with her mom and dad. She also called out commenters from her first video who didn’t understand her humor about goblins.

Elle’s Explanation Transcript

I transcribed the entire second video “barn update” about Elle’s barn purportedly moving:

Barn update. First of all, no, I am not schizophrenic, I am not on drugs and I am also not having a mental breakdown, but thank you for your concern. This is a picture of where the barn normally is for people saying I didn’t give enough proof. And also, people were asking for me to show where it was. I did. I did show the plot of where it was, thank you. This is also a TikTok from a few months ago where the barn now is, and see how there’s not a barn there anymore. I am very aware of where my barn used to be.

After I posted this, my sister and I called our mom and we were like, “What the hell is going on with the barn?” And she was like, “I have no idea. I came home for lunch and it was just there. So I don’t know what’s going on.” And we were like, “That’s perfect.” And then we waited for my dad to come home. And we were like, “So what’s going on?” And he was saying, “I don’t know. Maybe it was the wind.” He was saying that he thought maybe some hicks came and picked it up. And honestly, my sister and I were starting to think that because they would do that.

But then when I was about to lose it and I was like, “I know, you’re not… I don’t believe you. Like I know you did this,” he confessed that he did it. So it was my father. I guess, I don’t know what he was doing. I guess he was just pranking us. But honestly, I don’t think the mystery is over, because we don’t have the equipment to move a barn like that and also my sister and I did not hear anything and there are no prints or paths or tracks anywhere in the lawn or field.

So, now I’m just wondering what he’s hiding and if my dad is maybe secretly some kind of fairy troll that can teleport things. By the way, when I say those things, I’m joking. Because sometimes, when I said the thing about goblins, people were like, “Uh oh, don’t do fentanyl, kids.” Hey guys, I’m joking.

But yeah, that’s the update. I wish it was a little more interesting. I wish it was goblins. I wish it was Amish people. We don’t have Amish people back here, unfortunately. But yeah, I’m also not lying about this for clout. I actually don’t care about clout. I actually woke up to see how many followers I got this morning and I freaked the f*** out because people perceiving me scares me. So no, I am not lying about this for attention.

I did not move the barn myself. Someone said I moved the barn myself for attention. Hey guys, look at these arms. You think I moved the barn on myself? Why would I do that? But that’s the update. It was just a funny video. Are we allergic to whimsy and wonder and intrigue and mystery, anymore? Is that it? We can’t have mystery anymore? But that’s all. Thanks for the funny comments. It was my dad just getting bored, apparently.

Follow Elle on her TikTok account @ellebelle_999 to follow any future developments of her barn story. Perhaps one day she can interview her dad about how he moved the barn, if he truly was the person who transported the building into the field.

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