A TikTok video purportedly showed a police officer named Trevor O'Connor with the Dutch Berry or Dutchberry Sheriff's Office attempting to serve a search warrant and arrest warrant for a man named Ryan on the charge of cyberbullying.
Courtesy: Foxx Recovery/YouTube

On May 16, 2024, the @bts_viral15 TikTok channel reposted a 2-minute video clip appearing to show a police officer serving a warrant at a house. In the video, the officer identifies himself at the front door to a woman and man as Trevor O’Connor with the Dutch Berry (or Dutchberry) Sheriff’s Office. O’Connor tells the pair he’s serving an arrest warrant and search warrant, purportedly for the charge of cyberbullying. “We have a warrant for Ryan,” O’Connor says. O’Connor does not mention a last name for the suspect. The clip ends before O’Connor enters the house.

Users watching the video searched for further clips of the same video to find out what happened next regarding O’Connor’s attempt to serve the “warrant for Ryan.” For example, two searches users executed on TikTok included “part 2 Ryan search warrant” and “part 3 of Ryan cyberbullying TJ O’Connor.”

In my research, I transcribed the TikTok video, located the original YouTube video and also confirmed my suspicion the interesting video was simply staged for entertainment purposes.

‘We Have a Warrant for Ryan’

First, I transcribed the TikTok video. The first part of the transcription read as follows:

TREVOR O’CONNOR: Hello ma’am.


O’CONNOR: My name is Trevor O’Connor. I’m with the Dutch Berry Sheriff’s Office. We have a warrant for Ryan.

WOMAN IN HOUSE: Ryan doesn’t live here.

O’CONNOR: I would disagree, ok? Ryan… this is the only address I have for record for Ryan. Everything he has, driver’s license, all of his mailings, everything with the courts… all comes to here. Right?

WOMAN IN HOUSE: No Ryan here.



O’CONNOR: He’s your son? But you doesn’t… you don’t know him?

WOMAN IN HOUSE: No, I don’t know him.

O’CONNOR: You don’t know him?


O’CONNOR: You don’t know of any Ryan? So you’re just going to stand here and lie to me?



WOMAN IN HOUSE: Come here for a second.

O’CONNOR: How are you doing, sir?

Second Officer and Purported Father Both Appear

In the second half of the transcript, a second officer and Ryan’s purported father both appeared in the video. The transcription read as follows:

SECOND OFFICER ON SPEAKER IN POLICE CAR: This is the Dutch Berry Sheriff’s Office. All residents inside this home must make their way to the front door and speak with the officer at the front door now. If you do not speak to the officer at the front door, you could be considered aiding and abetting a fugitive or disobeying a lawful order.

O’CONNOR: All right. My name is T.J. O’Connor. Dutch Berry Sheriff’s Office. We have an arrest warrant and a search warrant for Ryan, ok? Your wife’s trying to say she knows no Ryan. You would think she would know him.

MAN IN HOUSE: I have a son named Ryan.

O’CONNOR: Right.

MAN IN HOUSE: He ain’t been here in over a year. He lives in (inaudible).

O’CONNOR: Ok, well everything about him comes back to here. His driver’s license, all of his court paperwork, everything addressed to this house.

MAN IN HOUSE: What is… what is it about?

O’CONNOR: Cyberbullying. Online something, ok? You know him so [it] probably doesn’t shock you, right?

MAN IN HOUSE: I don’t see it happening.

O’CONNOR: You don’t see that happening? He’s a pretty calm, cool, collected guy? Ok.

WOMAN IN HOUSE: Not our son.

O’CONNOR: Oh, now he’s your son! Now he’s your son! I see how this goes. So, at this time, we are going to execute the search warrant, ok?

MAN IN HOUSE: He ain’t lived here in over a year.

O’CONNOR: Great. Here’s the search warrant. This address. His name. Ok, so at this time I would like you both to step outside the door with me.

The Full Video

On May 13, the Foxx Recovery YouTube channel publicly posted the full and original video. The channel previously made the video available on an earlier date to paying channel members.

The part from the TikTok clip begins at the 3:56 mark in the full YouTube video.

The YouTube video’s description features a disclaimer absent from the TikTok repost. The disclaimer reads, “Viewer Discretion Advised: Foxx Recovery contains scenes of dramatized engagements in a controlled environment under the supervision of professionals. Do not attempt to re-create or re-enact.”

The description also mentions popular YouTuber Patty Mayo, who collaborated on many videos with the Foxx Recovery channel. Patty Mayo appears in the brief TikTok clip and full YouTube video as portraying the second officer speaking on the police car speaker. However, in the TikTok video, a different shot of the floor in a car is shown while Patty Mayo’s voice remains, apparently to hide the visible fact regarding Patty Mayo’s involvement. It’s unclear if the TikTok user was the person who edited out the visuals of Patty Mayo before reposting the clip.

Where Is Ryan?

The man portraying Ryan appears in the YouTube video just after the 20-minute mark. In the video, the actor playing Ryan rushes out of a door from a bedroom, bathroom or closet and attempts to fight O’Connor. Men portraying officers eventually arrest him.

Additional Notes

The Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association once published an article with the headline, “YouTuber Patty Mayo Is Not Affiliated With Oregon Sheriff’s Offices.” Also, readers can visit the website for the fictional Dutch Berry Sheriff’s Office.

For further reading, I recommend one of my previous articles titled, “‘Wall Eel’: Worm Enters Pipe Hole in Amazing TikTok Video.”

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