Lester Holt with NBC Nightly News once teased a segment saying, in 60 seconds, the new draft report on UFOs, the Pentagon's expert warning about a possible mother ship coming close to Earth, stay with us.
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt/TV News Archive

On May 28, 2024, the @sundaycooltee TikTok channel published a video from their “Ninjas Are Butterflies” podcast. In the clip, the podcast hosts discussed a video showing “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt. Holt purportedly once teased before a commercial break, “In 60 seconds, the new draft report on UFOs. The Pentagon’s expert warning about a possible mother ship coming close to Earth. Stay with us.”

One TikTok commenter remarked under the video, “I don’t know. I think they edited this. His lips weren’t syncing with what was said.”

Another person added, “Unreal Engine 5 is still grainy but it’s getting better by the minute.”

Other commenters said, “That was AI,” and, “Looks AI.”

Is the ‘NBC Nightly News’ UFO ‘Mothership’ Video Real or Fake?

“NBC Nightly News” genuinely did air this tease on March 8, 2023. The broadcast also aired a full news report from NBC News correspondent Gadi Schwartz in the segment following the commercial break. The TV News Archive via Archive.org hosts original video of Holt’s tease, the commercial break and Schwartz’s full news report, all of which can be watched here.

‘NBC Nightly News’ UFO ‘Mothership’ Transcript

The transcript of the news report read as follows:

LESTER HOLT: It may sound straight out of a movie but the Pentagon and a Harvard scientist have collaborated on a new draft report questioning if we’re alone in the universe, and whether we’ve already seen evidence of life beyond earth. Here’s Gadi Schwartz.

GADI SCHWARTZ: Move over Chinese spy balloon, or whatever else U.S. fighter jets shot down last month. Tonight, out of Harvard University, a draft paper about mysterious flying objects sounding almost like science fiction.

UNIDENTIFIED PILOT: Look at that thing.

AVI LOEB: I think it’s very likely that we are not the most intelligent civilization that ever existed.

SCHWARTZ: Renowned Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb teaming up with the new head of the Pentagon’s UFO office, dubbed the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office. Together, they say that interstellar objects detected in space could be signs of extraterrestrial life and that current sky-mapping technology like the James Webb Space Telescope could miss such objects.

LOEB: It could have been a mother ship that released some probes in the habitable region around the sun. We have a visitor to our backyard, we should observe it at first.

SCHWARTZ: Professor Loeb now leading the charge to build better arrays of sensors to capture anomalies but saying for now everything is hypothetical, and his paper is really meant to remind UFO hunters not to forget the laws of physics.

LOEB: As much as the reports from military personnel are intriguing and motivate my work right now, I want my instruments to tell me what is really happening.

SCHWARTZ: Meanwhile, more videos surfacing showing odd objects have been leaked to documentary UFO filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who recently released pictures of an orb shape over Mosul and these images showing a cylinder flying over Iraq. The Pentagon not commenting on the recent videos but confirming prior videos released by Corbell had been filmed by service members. As for what they are, definitive explanations remain out of reach. Gadi Schwartz. NBC News.

HOLT: That’s one to talk over over the dinner table tonight.

The ‘Ninjas Are Butterflies’ Episode And Date

The Sunday Cool YouTube channel originally uploaded the video later appearing on TikTok as a YouTube Short along with the full podcast episode, both on March 31, 2023. The podcast episode’s title read, “Should We Feed Children? | Ep.31 | Ninjas Are Butterflies.”

For further reading about purported strange or paranormal activity, I previously reported, “‘Woman Vanishes During Traffic Stop’ TikTok Video, Explained.”

Jordan’s Thoughts

I don’t really know what to think regarding the purported videos of aliens piloting UFOs users examined in recent years. I understand some people at hearings in Washington provided legitimacy to some clips. However, one aspect of videos purportedly showing aliens or UFOs continues as little more than blurry, grainy and out-of-focus footage. The world sometimes sees the same purported evidence regarding Bigfoot and other subjects falling into the topic of the paranormal.

If we were to look into the future for several years, I’m unsure if anything will have changed. I don’t think something substantial will have happened by the year 2030 or 2040 involving real, documented contact with beings from a place outside our universe. However, this does not mean I do not believe in aliens. The vastness of outer space leads me to believe life is out there. However, the only question is will we, the people who are alive in 2024, be around when a big moment finally occurs?

On top of all of that, some people believe the beings already arrived and are living amongst us. I don’t know if I believe that, but it certainly is an interesting theory to ponder.

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