A TikTok video showing a purported alien spacecraft with glowing bright lights claimed author Chris Bledsoe says this is footage of a real UFO.

On June 10, 2024, TikTok user @ufosandstrangestuff_2 posted a video purportedly showing an alien UFO with the on screen caption, “Chris Bledsoe says this is footage of a real UFO.”

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Chris Bledsoe is the author of the 2022 book, “UFO of God.” The book documents Bledsoe’s purported 2007 encounter with UFOs he says saved his life and cured him of an illness.

The TikTok video appears to show bright lights visible beyond trees in the foreground.

Did Chris Bledsoe Authenticate the Purported UFO Video?

As of this writing, I have yet to locate any trace of Bledsoe publicly commenting about this specific video. At first glance, Bledsoe’s Facebook and Instagram pages appeared to host no content about the clip.

Reverse-image searches with Google Images and TinEye only produced results for reposts. Those reposts did not provide further answers about the origins of the video.

I emailed Bledsoe to ask if he truly had personally reviewed the video himself. I also emailed the TikTok user to ask where he or she witnessed Bledsoe commenting on the clip. I will update this story if I receive any responses.

Is the Video Real or Fake?

I reviewed the video and looked for clues of the clip’s inauthenticity. Several possibilities exist regarding the video’s creation. For example, the camera operator who recorded the video might have pointed the lens at a reflection on water showing lights from a boat or perhaps a car parked nearby on land. Following this possibility, ripples in a reflection of water might explain the strange pattern of the lights. If the debate is between ripples in water from a boat or car versus advanced alien lighting technology, the former certainly seems more likely.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice the video bore a partial resemblance to the opening of the 1982 film, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” In the TikTok video, the person operating the camera is moving it sideways in a smooth fashion, much like the motion of a dolly in film-making. Similarly, the opening of “E.T.” also features a dolly shot showing trees in the foreground and lights on an alien spacecraft in the background. The branches on the trees do not match up but I couldn’t finish writing this story without mentioning the resemblance between the two clips. (The moment from “E.T.” begins at the 2:01 mark in this YouTube video.)

Further, if the video’s unknown creator did fake the clip, bear in mind several minor tricks could be at play. The creator may have reversed the video’s speed. The clip might also display a frame the video’s creator flipped horizontally, vertically or both ways.

TikTok Comments

Sometimes, people can find answers to sourceless TikTok videos in the comments.

For example, one user commented, “This was from the TV show ‘Fact Or Fiction.’ This was a real sighting and they had others that you can’t even find anymore.” Other users asked this commenter for information but they did not reply.

Other interesting or funny comments read as follows:

“This is interesting because if anti-gravity is real it looks like their ship is using it. The light seems to be bending around the craft.”

“Deleted scenes from E.T.”

“This has to be real. All things recorded with a shoe are 100% real.”

“How do we know he said it’s real? This is not posted on his page. Wondering where this footage is from and where Chris addresses it.”

“Absolutely no context or point of reference: Then it has to be real!”

“This was on TV. It’s a fishing boat with its lights on.”

“Don’t you think if aliens are so far more advanced than us, they wouldn’t need lights?”

“So? A picture or a video is evidence of nothing. Produce the UFO or the alien and that’s proof. This is just another blurry video.”

“We’re an advanced civilization thousands of years head in technological innovation. Let’s put stadium lights on front of our spacecraft. Genius.”

Jordan’s Thoughts

I would love to believe this video truly does show a UFO piloted by aliens with bright, funky lights. However, the fact-based person I am leads me to want evidence to confirm such a claim. The only reasonable conclusion I can reach in our current reality is the video shows lights from a boat or car, just like I mentioned in the article. The lights are likely reflecting off of a body of water. That’s my best guess.

It’s unclear if Bledsoe will answer my email but I will certainly update this post if he does reach back out to me. I imagine he receives plenty of requests to make remarks about lots of pieces of footage, so I would not be surprised if I did not hear back from him anytime soon.

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